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cotton tree charcoal

FSC Charcoal



"Light The Bag" is a small, convenient pack so that the consumer can simply light fire to the entire bag without first removing the briquettes. This single use charcoal briquette bag is portable and easy to start charcoal grill.

Prior to bagging, the fire starter fluid, hydrocarbon solvent,is atomized and sprayed on the briquettes.

Zhen Hua Group use the premier quality hydrocarbon solvents manufactured by the leading petrol companies, such as Esso, Shell, Petro China etc.....

The briquettes are environmentally friendly and comply the European standard EN1860 or American standard ASTM1762.

Instant Charcoal briquettes are packaged in three sizes, 600g, 1200g or 1500g.

Light The Bag