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The primary ingredient of charcoal briquette is basically the traditional charcoal. It is responsible for the briquette's ability to light easily and to produce the desired wood-smoke flavor. The desirable raw material for this component is hardwoods or softwoods from the forests. However, many environmental concerns are rising on deforestation problems.  Recently, Zhen Hua Group has invented a technology to char the agricultural biomass, the Cotton Tree, and patented it as Cotton Tree Charcoal. Zhen Hua’s charcoal is FSC marked under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification system which ensures that the ecological integrity of forest is maintained .

The binding agent Zhen Hua uses to make briquette is the food grade potato starch, which is non-hazardous, as compare to some manufacturers using the chemical binders, which are generally used for boiler burning briquettes.

Other primary ingredient, used to produce a high-temperature, long-lasting fire, is coal. And the minor ingredients include accelerants, ash-whitening agents and fillers to improve the performance of the briquettes.

Additives, coal, nitrates, or fillers found in briquettes are brought to some people’s conscious. And, the European Standard EN1860 labeled charcoal is the solution because EN1860 calls for absence of inadmissible additions to ensure that the briquettes are free of additives, coal, chemicals, or filler. Zhen Hua is selling EN1860 charcoal to the customers who request this product.

Charcoal briquettes are packaged in a variety of bag sizes, ranging from 4-24 lb or in metric.

Charcoal Briquette