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Cotton Tree Charcoal Briquettes

Hosberg Group Limited is pleased to present our cotton tree charcoal briquettes to our customers.  Our cotton tree charcoal briquettes are made from cotton tree wastes, which are agricultural biomass.


  1. Use of Agricultural Biomass


    • In every year, farmers collect cotton from the trees at harvest
    • The remaining branches are burnt or stacked on the road side


    • Hosberg buy cotton tree wastes from farmers
    • Save forests: no need to cut tree
    • Reduce pollution for handling cotton tree wastes

cotton tree


2. Wood Consumption

For the barbecue charcoal consumption of 2,000,000 tons per annum.:

    • It consumes 6,000,000 tons forest wood to produce charcoal
    • Assumed average weight of a tree is 0.5 tons, it needs to cut 12,000,000 trees per annum
    • By using cotton tree charcoal briquettes, 12,000,000 trees are saved per annum


3. Improve Farmers’ Income

    • Farmers sell cotton tree wastes for an additional income
    • Improve local economy
    • This is important for farmers in the 3rd world


4 Case Study – Farmers Selling Cotton Tree

    • Weight of cotton tree wastes per acre: 400 kg
    • Average farmland per family: 5 – 10 acres
    • Cotton tree wastes per family: 3 tons
    • Price of cotton tree wastes: RMB60 per ton (US$8.75 per ton)
    • Average family income before: RMB1500 per family (US$219 per family)
    • Additional income per family: RMB180 per family (US$26 per family)

cotton treecotton tree


Since Hosberg is helping the native farmers increasing their annual income, Hosberg is now applying to the Fair Trade Organization for the Fair Trade Cotton Tree Charcoal......