cotton tree charcoal

FSC Charcoal


"Disposal BBQ Grill" is an all-in-one package with aluminum foil tray, steel wire mesh top and a "Light The Bag" charcoal bag inside. The consumer can simply light fire to the charcoal bag and start barbecue.

This single use charcoal briquette bag is portable, light weight, convenient and causing no messy.

The charcoal briquettes in the charcoal bag are environmentally friendly. And, the premier quality hydrocarbon solvents used is manufactured by the leading petrol companies, such as Esso, Shell, Petro China etc.....

The charcoal bag is packaged in two sizes, 600g or 1200g with overall dimensions of 31x25x6cm and 45x34x7cm respectively.

The construction of the grill complies EN1860 or ASTM1762.
Disposal BBQ Grill